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To reach Tuscania is very easy from either Rome or Pisa airports. From Rome Termini Station using the train line towards Pisa, there is a train every 09 minutes of the hour, usually from platforms 25 or 26, getting off in Tarquinia station (1h15mts). Tarquinia is connected to Tuscania via a 20 minutes bus ride, or we can arrange a taxi pick up.

From Pisa Centrale using the train line to Rome getting off in Tarquinia (2hrs35 mts) and then bus ride to tuscania or pick up

If you are driving, Rome is about 90km away and you can reach Tuscania via Cassia or via the Aurelia motorway, the journey takes around 1hr 10mts.

For more information and curiosities you can visit the city web page or simply digit  Tuscania on youtube and you will find much material.
If you prefer you can contact us by e-mail and we will be happy to give you all the info you need on the area and how to reach us

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